Leah Smithson is a Los Angeles based artist using both traditional (paint, ceramic sculptures) and new media ( i.e. digital installations, virtual, augmented, and extended realities) to explore the human condition using portraits that mirror an emotional state or frame of mind, rather than the likeness of a person. In her recent work she’s been using avatars as a tool to explore these narratives even further.  The reason is because our online profiles, or avatars, are in a sense a reflection of us. But the interesting difference between our reflection in a mirror and our digital reflection is that our digital counterparts can lead separate lives, detached from our own, such as when our images are used in memes. She’s been interviewed and had her work featured in a variety of print and digital magazines including the LA Times. She's also exhibited throughout the US and abroad including the award-winning outdoor digital art exhibition Luminex, as well as collaborated with brands and tech giants, such as Apple, in public art installations. 
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